Last year’s racial and social unrest forced many to look at the racial and gender inequities in our society. Consequently, we are now seeing a rise and increased push to prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace—from small organizations to large corporations, professional sports, entertainment, and education. This conversation will shed light on how to infuse the insights and commitments from 2020 into current DEI efforts with a focus on both building organizational health and making a business case and strategy as we move forward and make progress…together!

World-class women leaders in sports and business take part in short one-on-one conversations to impart their leadership philosophies, insights, and top tips. This is a phenomenal opportunity to learn from the best and ignite your sense of possibility. 

This two-part session will bring together viewpoints from a top culture expert and industry leaders to discuss shifting workplace dynamics. The first part of the session will feature an in-depth conversation with a culture and organizational strategist, followed by a live "Blue Table Talk" with leaders about how they are adapting in the modern workplace.