How to Convince Your Boss to Attend the Women Leaders National Convention

The Women Leaders National Convention is THE event to attend if you want to develop, connect, and advance in your career. We bring together the most passionate, inspired, strong, and resilient women in our business for three days of learning and connection. There are so many takeaways to be had, whether you're taking in our programming, networking at a social hour, or being inspired by our keynotes. Every session is geared toward helping you become, and consistently be, your best self! 

But if you need help selling the idea to your boss, here's a little more information to help get your trip approved.

You'll come back to the office with new ideas.

The National Convention is a one-stop shop for learning. Content at conferences tends to center on one topic. Not here. Our programming covers everything from leading millennials, to student-athlete activism, managing presidential transitions, shoring up your fundraising skills, and strengthening your personal brand. Take a look at our growing agenda here. Start marking off which Power Panels, breakout sessions, and TEDx-style talks you'll want to attend. Take those in to your boss to show him/her exactly what you'll learn.

Plus, you can use what you learn—right away. We design the sessions with take-away tools for you. That means you’ll return home from Phoenix ready to implement what you just learned. Pro tip: Create a presentation about what you learn and share it in a staff meeting. Transfer the knowledge—don’t let it stop with you! That will prove to your boss that it was worth it for you to attend.

You'll meet a TON of new people.

One of the most important elements of our mission is to connect you with other phenomenal leaders and help you cultivate lifelong relationships. The Women Leaders National Convention is the largest women’s professional development event in our industry. You’ll meet leaders from all parts of the country and in all phases of their careers, through our many options for networking (our Welcome Party, the Party for a Purpose, Leaders Lounges, tours, and more.) Glean best practices—that benefit your department and university—at Power Panels, breakout discussions, keynote sessions, and general networking events.

You'll gain a new, refreshed perspective.

Attending our National Convention will put you in a different head space and heart space. It allows you to shift your focus from your day-to-day responsibilities—where we can all get stuck. Think of it as a getaway trip to reconnect with your passion and return to your office with the absolute best ideas to share with your team. 

You'll raise your game!

A key theme at the National Convention is encouraging attendees to be their best every day. You’ll have time to think about where you’re excelling as well as where you can boost job performance. Remember, when you #RaiseYourGame, those who work with you will follow suit.