Opportunity Fund

The purpose of the Women Leaders in College Sports Opportunity Fund is to bring the organization's infrastructure up to the level needed both to support current membership and services and to grow membership and services to the desired level. In addition, the Opportunity Fund finances start-up costs for new programs and services to directly benefit Women Leaders in College Sports members. 

Women Leaders in College Sports 5n5: Funding, Inspiration, Vision & Excellence /// #WomenLeaders5n5

In 2014, in celebration of Women Leaders in College Sports 35th anniversary, the organization launched the 5n5 Campaign, a circle of donors pledging a gift of $5,000 over five years to support the Opportunity Fund. A very sincere thanks goes to Vicky Chun, Vice President and Director of Athletics at Colgate University, for launching this member-driven campaign.  

To make a 5n5 pledge, contact Katie Hoffman at katie@womenleadersincollegesports.org or call 816-389-8222. 5n5 payments can be made on a quarterly, annual, or one-time basis.

Donations to the Opportunity Fund are 100% tax-deductible; Women Leaders is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 56-2186122).

Women Leaders in College Sports 5n5 Supporters

Betsy Alden* Mary Ellen Gillespie
Sandy Barbour** Alfreeda Goff*
Susan Bassett* Cary Groth*
Sarah Baumgartner Robin Harris*
Bridget Belgiovine* Sandy  Hatfield Clubb
Amanda Braun Lori Hendricks
Anucha Browne Jen Heppel
M. Grace Calhoun Julie Hermann*
Vicky Chun* Lynn Hickey*
Jennifer Cohen Lynn Holzman
Joni Comstock** Amy Huchthausen
Missy Conboy Samantha Huge
Mary Beth Cooper Janet Judge
Debbie Corum Karol Kahrs* Bernie McGlade*  Patti Phillips  Barb Schroeder*  Judy Sweet* 
 Julie Cromer Peoples Kathleen Kunkler Maggie McKinley Chris Plonsky* Cathie Schweitzer Sharon E. Taylor*
Joan Cronan* Sara Liebscher Jacqie McWilliams Jean  Lenti Ponsetto* Alanna Shanahan Chris Voelz*
Jessica Fiebelkorn-Kerr Heather Lyke Jane Miller Kim Record Tamica Smith Jones Tonia Walker
Vanessa Fuchs Felicia Martin M. Dianne Murphy* Nona Richardson Julie Soriero** Tracy Warren
Pam Gill Fisher* Erin McDermott Buzzy Phillips Marcia Saneholtz* Jennifer Strawley  

* Indicates a Women Leaders in College Sports Past President
** Indicates Supporters who have completed and opted to continue their 5n5 Pledge