The 40th Fund: A Force for the Future

Join fellow members, trailblazers and contributors and commit to impacting our future as a Force for Change with your donation to the 40th Fund in 2019. Together we can make a lasting impact and it can start with each member giving as little as $40.00 to the organization.

A commitment of $40.00 from every member will total $140,000.00 for the Women Leaders Opportunity Fund and it will propel this organization as a Force for the Future. Your gift over time will have a compounding impact on our financial stability and power to serve YOU, our members. Be part of our future and commit to giving back to the organization today!

More ways to give! Be a Force for the Future and by joining the 5n5 Campaign or endow a Foundation Fund Scholarship. Contact Christina Turner for more info on becoming a 5n5 donor and/or endowment opportunities.

Thank you to our 40th Fund Donors!

Val Ackerman
Laura Anderson 
Theresa Arist
Chanel Barnes
Jessica Barquero
Charlotte Battiest
Keri Becker
Storm Blitz
Michael Boele
Peg Bradely-Doppes
Dawn Buth
Megan Cairns
Nan Carney-DeBord
Jen Cohen
Joni Comstock
Julie Cromer Peoples
Chris Dawson
Debby DeAngelis
Ashlynn Fields
Kirsten Ford
Dena Freeman-Patton
Jessie Gardner
Melissa Gill
Jessica Gray
Ashley Grimm
Susan Harriman
Lori Hendricks
Kara Hess 
Monae Khorvash
Jill Koclanes
Channing Kimball
Kelley Kish
Jane Kleinberger
Kristi Lawless
Susan Lipnickey
Celine Mangan
Robyn Mathews
Madeline McCrary
Jacqie McWilliams
Kaila'Shea Menendez
Carrie Michaels
Jane Miller
Nicki Moore
Elisha Orama
Pennie Parker
Karen Peters
Chelsea Petersen
Patti Phillips
Jessica Ramberg
Lindsay Reeves
Dell  Robinson
Tiese Roxbury
Chesney Sallee
Tamica Smith Jones
Julie Soriero
Mary Beth Spirk
Rachel Stark-Mason
Ashley Stone
Nicole Sullivan
Adrienne Swinney
Etienne Thomas
Makini Thompson
Lisa Thuer
Angie Torain
Marie Tuite
Christina Turner 
Dawn Turner
Sarah Vap
Tanya Vogel
Tracy Warren
Natalie Winkelfoos
Leslie Wurzberger