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Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 38: Andrea Williams

Posted on 8/19/2018
Today, we’re chatting with Andrea Williams, the newly named chief operating officer for the College Football Playoff.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 37: Lesley Irvine

Posted on 8/5/2018
It was fantastic to catch up with Lesley Irvine, the director of athletics for Pomona-Pitzer Colleges, for this conversation.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 36: Lindsay Reeves

Posted on 7/22/2018
Joining us for this episode is our current board member and University of North Georgia director of athletics, Lindsay Reeves.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 35: Tanya Vogel

Posted on 7/8/2018
Our guest today is the calm, cool, and collected director of athletics at George Washington University, Tanya Vogel.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 34: Monica Lebron

Posted on 6/24/2018
Our guest today is deputy athletics director and chief operating officer at Tulane University, Mónica Lebrón. Enjoy!

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 33: Bridget Belgiovine

Posted on 6/10/2018
Today, you’ll get to hear from a past-president of Women Leaders and a true trailblazer in our industry, Bridget Belgiovine, the director of athletics at Wellesley College.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 32: Meg Stevens

Posted on 5/27/2018
Today, Patti Philips talks with Women Leaders board member and Averett University director of athletics, Meg Stevens, whose “3-2-1” philosophy will leave you eager to attack your days with energy – which we love!

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 31: Beth Goetz

Posted on 5/13/2018
Patti Phillips had a great time catching up with Beth Goetz, the chief operating officer at the University of Connecticut.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 30: Carmen Ambar

Posted on 4/29/2018
Patti Phillips has a wonderful conversation with President Carmen Ambar, the first African American and second female president in Oberlin College’s 184-year history.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 29: Dawn Rogers

Posted on 4/18/2018
Patti Phillips talks with Dawn Rogers, the deputy athletics director at Baylor University. You’ll gain so much listening to Dawn’s story, including the significance of doing your homework in searches, owning your mistakes, working hard but smart, and

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 28: Pennie Parker

Posted on 4/1/2018
After graduating from the University of Georgia, Pennie Parker—director of athletics at Rollins College and the treasurer of Women Leaders in College Sports—went into banking, but eventually earned a spot at Division II Rollins College, where she’s b

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 27: Chris Plonsky

Posted on 3/18/2018
Chris Plonsky is a true trailblazer! She’s the director of women’s athletics at the University of Texas and a past president of Women Leaders.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 26: Lori Hendricks

Posted on 3/4/2018
We can’t wait for you to listen to Patti Phillips’ conversation with Lori Hendricks, the director of athletics at her alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, and a current Women Leaders board member.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 25: Amy Huchthausen

Posted on 2/18/2018
Patti Phillips talks with Amy Huchthausen, the commissioner of the America East Conference, who was the league’s first female commissioner and the youngest commissioner ever hired at the Division I level at the time of her appointment.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 24: Carla Williams

Posted on 2/6/2018
Patti Phillips caught up with Carla Williams, the director of athletics at the University of Virginia, and the first female African-American athletics director to lead a Power Five Conference institution!

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 23: Julie Soriero

Posted on 1/21/2018
In today’s episode, Patti Phillips sits down with Julie Soriero, director of athletics at MIT, our current Women Leaders president, and the recently-named NCAA Pat Summitt Award winner!

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 22: Etienne Thomas

Posted on 1/7/2018
We are excited for you to listen to Patti Phillips’ chat with Etienne Thomas, the associate athletics director of student life at The University of Kansas. Etienne joined KU in the summer of 2017 after nearly a decade at her alma mater, North Carolin

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 21: Jill Bodensteiner

Posted on 12/24/2017
Patti Phillips talks with Jill Bodensteiner, the senior associate athletics director at the University of Notre Dame…Go Irish! Jill's insights on remaining rooted in values, serving others, and being authentically you are inspiring—and we know you’ll

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 20: Joni Comstock

Posted on 12/10/2017
Patti Phillips talks with Joni Comstock, the senior vice president of championships at the NCAA, who oversees 84 NCAA championships and 69 sports committees, and ex-officio member of the Women Leaders Board of Directors.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 19: Lisa Campos

Posted on 11/26/2017
Patti sits down with Lisa Campos, who was named Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics and Athletics Director at the University of Texas, San Antonio on November 17!