Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 121: Andrea Williams 


In this episode we talk with Andrea Williams, Chief Experience Officer for the NBA Utah Jazz.


When we last talked to Andrea on episode 38, she had just moved from the Commissioner of the Big Sky to become the CFO of the College Football Playoff . Now that she’s made the jump to pro sports as a CXO (that’s chief experience officer – coolest job title ever) with the Utah Jazz we thought it was time for another check in.


Listen in to hear how her work in college sports prepared her for this new role, how her leadership has evolved since being the Commissioner of the Big Sky, and what she believes is the most important skill that leaders possess.


We discuss the similarities and differences between working in intercollegiate athletics and pro sports, as well as the barriers women and women of color face in both spaces. And we talk about and how to overcome those.


Lots of great info here so don’t miss a moment of it. Enjoy, and remember...We are Women Leaders!

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