Executive Candidate List

What is the Executive Candidate list?

The Executive Candidate List is a CONFIDENTIAL (among peers), non-exclusive list of women who have the experience and desire to advance into senior leadership positions. We send the list to search firms and search committees upon request. 

What are the qualifications necessary to be on the list?

  1. You must be an active member of Women Leaders in College Sports. (Not a member? Join here! )  
  2. You must have the experience, qualifications, portfolio, and interest in becoming a deputy athletic director, athletic director, or commissioner in any division in the next 1 to 3 years. Your title (depending on your division) should reflect this. 

How do I get on the Executive Candidate List?

Self-nominate by filling out this form

What happens with my name once I am on the list?

  1. You will receive the Executive Insider email, approximately every 2-4 weeks, which lists every open and soon-to-be open deputy athletic director, athletic director, or commissioner job in every division that we are aware of. When available, we list the search firm and application deadline for jobs as well. 
  2. Women Leaders will forward the entire Executive Candidate List to search firms or search committee chairs when they request it.
  3. At times, Patti will BCC email the entire Executive Candidate List about open opportunities to gauge interest. The names of those interested will be forwarded to the parties who requested them. When Patti sends these emails asking if you’re interested, you must reply within 24 hours to be included.

Does this mean my name gets forwarded for every senior leadership opening?

No. We can’t track on all industry openings. We only forward names when asked by a hirer or when candidates ask to be forwarded. 

Does my name stay on the Executive Candidate List if I advance?

YES! You will stay on the list until you leave the industry or are asked to be removed. 

How do I ensure my information is updated? 

YOU need to update your member profile on our website when your title or job changes. Please also send Celine Mangan (celine@womenleadersincollegesports.org) an email with those changes. 

Can Patti be a reference for me in my search?

Unfortunately, no. Since Patti doesn’t work with you, she can’t speak to your role as a campus leader.

If Women Leaders forwards my name, do I have a better shot at getting the job?

Not necessarily. However, because of the relationships Patti and Women Leaders have developed with search firms and hirers, your name and/or materials will definitely be looked at or acknowledged. After that, decisions are made by the search committees and presidents. They will determine whether your qualifications meet and match what they are looking for.

The only factors that will help you get the job you want is YOU. Your performance and results will be the determining factor. The Executive Candidate List is intended to make you aware of open jobs you may not have known about, and provide some additional information about search firms, timelines, and other insights about jobs as they are available. 

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