Performance & Emotional Intelligence

Programs in this impact module focus on understanding emotional intelligence to boost performance, build meaningful relationships and advance within your organization.

  • Building and Sustaining Powerful Relationships – build effective, authentic, and long-lasting relationships.
  • Adding Value to Your Team, Your Managers and Your Organization – put others' interests before your own, nurture your relationships, and practice selflessness in service of your organization.
  • Influencing and Managing Up – add value and become irreplaceable by mastering the art of managing up.
  • Habits of Top-Level Teammates – how to put team over self and optimize communication.
  • Strategic Communication – learn to harness the power of communication for yourself and your organization.
  • Communicate with Impact – better communication leads to better and efficient results.
  • Discernment & Decision-Making – make better, faster decisions for yourself and team.
  • Champions Adjust – learn to respond rather than react and celebrate the power of being resilient