Building Teams for Impacts

Programs in this impact module coach leaders to develop and sustain their organization’s culture and develop strategies for building and retaining the best people for your organization. 

  • Building & Sustaining an Inclusive Culture – best practices for building an inclusive workplace and team culture.
  • Assessing Culture – culture trumps strategy every day. Understand deeply rooted norms and values, drivers of behavior, and existing characteristics of your team.
  • Building and Retaining a Diverse Team – strategies to recruit and retain a diverse team. Hiring high potential performers and leveraging data analytics tools to help build the best team.
  • Eliminating Communication Gaps: Crossing Generational & Gender Lines – strategies for building connection and enhancing communication in a multi-generational and diverse workplace.
  • Coaching for Impact – drive impact through consistent and effective individual coaching.
  • Establishing and Sustaining Team Core Values and Team Commitments – interactive team exercise to clarify what’s important to the team, how they will work together and how they will hold each other accountable.
  • Operational Excellence – strategies to develop your team’s commitment to continuous improvement, consistency, attention to detail and operational efficiency.