Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 87: Terri Steeb Gronau

In this podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by Terri Steeb Gronau, NCAA Vice President of Division II, and Interim Executive Vice President over Inclusion and Leadership Development.
Terri has quite a journey, having been at the NCAA for 20 years, starting as an intern in 2000 and elevating quickly during her tenure. In our conversation, Terri talks about her leadership style and how and why she made some of her career pivots and jumps, and of course, why she is so passionate about Division ll. 

As a VP at the NCAA, Terri has proven to be an extremely successful leader and relationship cultivator. She shares what it means to be a decision-maker, how to empower others, and the importance in getting out of your comfort zone and taking on new projects.

We also talk about leading during the ongoing pandemic, and Terri gives us tips on the importance of both enhanced communication and creating sameness and stability during these times. 
I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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