Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 109: Sarah Dehring

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares a striking conversation with Sarah Dehring, the Athletics Director at Division III Alma College in central Michigan. 

Sarah has a fascinating story about growing up on Mackinac Island near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This beautiful, tiny island has only 500 year-round residents, requires a ferry or plane ride to the mainland, and has no cars. Sarah’s graduating high school class had only eight students! Clearly, her path to becoming a college athlete, coach, and AD is unique! You’ll hear how her island upbringing has deeply influenced her choices and leadership style.

On multiple occasions, unexpected circumstances propelled Sarah in new directions and helped shape her career. In turn, she learned to take advantage of opportunities and make sacrifices to get where she wanted to go. She also shares how genuinely and transparently connecting with and relating to others became her leadership superpowers—whether through mentoring her staff or shoveling snow off the bleachers alongside them.

Don’t miss a moment of this conversation! And remember - we are Women Leaders!

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