Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 104: Sarah Baumgartner

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares a great conversation with the Deputy Director of Athletics at Rutgers University and current Women Leaders Board Member, Sarah Baumgartner.

Sarah’s impact at Rutgers has not only elevated the institution to competition at the highest level in the BIG10 Conference, but inspired women across the country to pursue a career in development. She is no stranger to bold leadership and has trailblazed record-breaking multi-million dollar fundraising efforts for capital projects at Rutgers in the last 4 years. 

There is no better advocate for working in external relations than Sarah, as she has her hands full with oversight of the majority of extrinsic touch points for athletics. Her philosophy on relationship building and developing skill sets are just some of the many reasons that she has succeeded in her role. But much of what has prepared her for her current role began when she was handed Men’s Basketball as her FIRST  sport supervisory role at Mizzou Athletics, and she hasn’t looked back since!

In our conversation, Sarah opens up how hiring 13 head coaches in 4 years has taught her about the value of surrounding yourself with good people, why flashy resumes don’t always get you the job and how remaining present in her work and life helps her to be the best in every moment, no matter where she is. 

We also talk about why you should always raise your hand if you are interested in taking on new responsibilities, how being a working mom allows her kids to see the very best of her and why collaboration and empowerment allows her to see projects through with excellence and efficiency. 

As Sarah says, “If you can bring great attitude and great energy to anything, you can lift the world.” 

Don’t miss a moment of this conversation! And remember - we are Women Leaders! 


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