Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 64: Peg Bradley-Doppes

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We are honored to be joined on today's podcast with Peg Bradley-Doppes, Women Leaders Past President and current Vice Chancellor Emeritus and Special Assistant to the Chancellor at the University of Denver.  

Peg has mastered overcoming challenges by framing them as opportunities —whether it be as a Division l head coach at the young age of 21 or making difficult decisions as a leader when her job is on the line—she has built a remarkable career on a foundation of hard work and integrity. Throughout our conversation, you will learn the value in fundraising, the importance of evolving as a leader, and how to adapt and adjust to new jobs and cultures. 

Listen in and soak up Peg’s passion as she shares her insight on making the most of every moment and facing every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and better yourself.

Enjoy, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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