Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 81: Molly Fletcher

On the most recent episode of the Women Leaders Podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author of 5 books, and former sports agent Molly Fletcher.
We love all of Molly’s books, but we spent time talking about the Energy Clock, and“A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating, Molly mastered the art of negotiating as a sports agent and says negotiations are about communication, confidence, and relationships. She shares several valuable tips on how to negotiate effectively and confidently at every stage of your career!
The Energy Clock is also a must-read, and Molly shares how to give yourself an “energy audit,” how to recognize and change your energy drains, the importance of clarity in your life—especially for leaders, and the power in being curious every day.
As a 2-time Women Leaders National Convention speaker, Molly has incredible energy and unwavering optimism, and you can FEEL it in this podcast! I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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