Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 62: Marilyn McNeil

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We are thrilled to be joined on today's podcast by Marilyn McNeil, Women Leaders Past President and current Vice President & Director of Athletics at Monmouth University.  

An industry veteran with over 40 years of experience, Marilyn was born a natural competitor–not only did she play basketball, volleyball and field hockey, she was a Canadian National Champion in Curling; In her words she is “still competing today”.  

Marilyn knows how to navigate change and tough circumstances - from moving to a new country, and across the country, to surviving 5 presidential transitions - Marilyn strategically navigated the hurdles that came with being a woman AD, and she has THRIVED while doing it.  

Listen in as Marilyn shares her story of leveraging change by managing up, nurturing relationships and by caring for her team and herself.  

Enjoy, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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