Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 79: Kathy Beauregard

On the most recent episode of the Women Leaders Podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by Kathy Beauregard, director of athletics at Western Michigan University.
This podcast was recorded on March 17th in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and in our unique conversation, Kathy talks to us about the effects of COVID-19 both on her campus and across the industry. She shares her coping skills, and tips to being agile, flexible, and transparent in a time when things are changing by the minute. Listen in to learn HOW Kathy got to this place where she is able to skillfully lead during challenging times like these.
Kathy is the longest-serving athletic director at the Dl FBS level, and has had a 40-year career at the same institution.  During her time in the chair, she has managed through FIVE presidential transitions, and gives us some insights on how to do that.  
She also teaches us how to “evolve through the process,” how to lead with trust, and SO much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders! 

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