Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 80: Julie Ruppert

On the most recent episode of the Women Leaders Podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by Julie Ruppert, the Northeast 10 Conference Commissioner and former Women Leaders Board Member.
After spending over 15 years at the Division l level, Julie chose Division ll, where in 2008 she became the FIRST female Commissioner in Dll. She’s had many wins there, including leading the conference through a hugely successful and impactful identity campaign in 2016.
We talked a lot about that process, as well as how to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic with strength and solace. She says that over-communicating, being solution-oriented, and being adaptable are KEY to getting through these trying times.
Listen in as Julie shares her experience navigating a career in athletics with 2 children, and a spouse who is also in the industry; the importance of embracing excellence and embracing what you can control; and how to WORK to be engaged, educated, and well-informed.
Listen in as there is so much to soak up here! I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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