Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 76: Julie Cromer

On the most recent episode of the Women Leaders Podcast, Patti Phillips is joined Julie Cromer, Women Leaders Board Member, and Ohio University Director of Athletics.
Julie was one of the first women that was not an AD role to supervise football in the Big Ten, and she talks about how that unfolded, saying that football “chose her.”  There is obviously much more to that story…
She also talks about being in the room with some of the most powerful leaders in our industry in her role as the Women Leaders SWA appointee on the NCAA Dl Board of Directors. We talk a lot about “being in the room,” and that it’s not just about being there, but how to prepare and what you will provide once you're in the room.
Julie also talks she also talks about how to know when an opportunity is right, and when the time is right to make the next move.
This conversation is a leadership clinic, and Julie gives us many take-aways and action items you can incorporate into your leadership toolbelt. I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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