Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 23: Julie Soriero

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In today’s episode, Patti Phillips sits down with Julie Soriero, director of athletics at MIT, our current Women Leaders president, and the recently-named NCAA Pat Summitt Award winner!

Julie started her athletic career as a three-sport athlete at Penn State, taking on field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. After graduation, she began the first-ever women’s basketball program at Haverford College, and then she quickly moved up the coaching ranks, leading Philadelphia University to an NCAA Division II Final Four appearance and later accepting the head coaching role at the University of Pennsylvania.

Julie eventually landed at Colorado College, a stop that lasted nine years. This is where she pivoted from coaching women’s basketball to becoming the interim director of athletics twice, and then having the interim title removed. (This is a story you can’t miss!) From there, Julie was named director of athletics at MIT, where she’s served ever since.

You’ll learn so much hearing about Julie’s remarkable journey, which highlights her parents’ philosophy of doing everything to the best of your ability, and we know you’ll be inspired by Julie’s message to, “be bold, hold onto your dream, and work towards fulfilling that dream.”

Enjoy, and remember, We Are Women Leaders!

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