Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 41: Joeleen Akin

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Today, we have an exciting guest on the show: associate athletic director and senior woman administrator at Georgia Institute of Technology, Joeleen Akin. Joeleen is an active member of our Atlanta Local Organizing Committee and has done incredible work getting us ready for the upcoming 2018 National Convention in Atlanta!

Joeleen has experience at both the Division I and Division lll levels, and she reminds us why it’s so important to always tell people about our goals and aspirations—doing that led to her to opportunities to work with amazing champions such as Lynn Hickey, Kay Yow, and Beth Bass! Joeleen also shares with us the lessons she learned growing up on a 3,000-acre farm, the importance of active listening, how to make yourself irreplaceable, and what determination can do for your career.

Enjoy, and remember, We Are Women Leaders!

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