Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 58: Gloria Nevarez

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We are excited to be joined on today's podcast by Gloria Nevarez, commissioner of the West Coast Conference.
Gloria has a great story, with broad experiences. After earning  her JD and starting her athletics career in compliance at San Jose State, she went on to other schools where she added "legal" and professor to her titles, before pivoting from campus to a conference office work. She also moved from a bball conference office to a large and successful power 5 football university, just one of the many non-traditional and hard-to-make transitions she has navigated so successfully in her career.
Listen in to learn the importance of national committee work and "not dialing it in"; and the importance in giving 100% to your current job, and committing to leaving it better than you found it. She gives so many tips, and she NUMBERS them, so be ready to soak it up!

I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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