Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 48: Desiree Reed-Francois 

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On today’s episode, Patti speaks with Director of Athletics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Desiree Reed-Francois!
Growing up in California to a Mexican father and English mother, Desiree says her upbringing was based on three things: faith, family, and football. An avid 49ers fan, she and her brother Roman made a pact early on that they’d team up: he’d be an NFL player, and his lawyer sister would be his agent. The plan moved forward: Desiree completed law school and was consistently pulled to jobs within professional and collegiate sports.
Roman held up his end of the deal too: He was recruited to play football in college, but in his first game a horrible accident cut his career short and transformed his and his family’s life. Be sure to listen as Desiree speaks candidly about how Roman’s accident propelled her career and strengthened her dedication to college athletics.
Enjoy, and remember, We are Women Leaders! 

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