Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 108: Dr. China Jude

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares an inspiring conversation with the new Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Denver Broncos, Dr. China Jude.  
China is the perfect example of writing one’s own story. I wasn’t aware that China didn’t work in college athletics until her 30s—she started with stints in broadcast journalism, community-focused nonprofits, and  the Naval reserves. But Her penchant for learning and growth, plus her ability to adjust as needed, allowed her to pivot on her terms when opportunity knocked—including to Division I and II coaching and athletic director positions and, most recently, to the Denver Broncos. 
A Chicago native who played volleyball in college, China says she was always incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into her roles long before DEI had a title in the workplace.  and she did it even when others suggested she not discuss these issues, that it was too aggressive, and the conversations were too uncomfortable. But, with her goal to be a positive force in helping others, China  focused much of her work as an athletic director on DEI issues—and she made an enormous impact. Getting buy-in from leaders and talking candidly about the why of this work are key approaches, she says.   
China shares how she honed her strengths in creative thinking, storytelling, and resourcefulness, plus her love of football, in shaping her career path. She emphasizes a powerful message of staying true to yourself, especially during temporary detours. 

Don’t miss a moment of this conversation! And remember - we are Women Leaders!

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