Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 93: Candice S. Lee

In this podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by a true trailblazer, Dr. Candice Storey Lee, the Vice Chancellor for Athletics & University Affairs and Athletics Director at Vanderbilt University. 
Candice's appointment is historic as Vanderbilt’s first female athletic director AND the first African American woman to lead an athletics program in the SEC.  We talk and how she has handled that, AND the Covid and racial pandemics that hit our country shortly after she started her role.  
In fact, We dive into the experience of “racial battle fatigue” and how campus culture shapes student-athlete experiences today!    
Her values of service and duty have allowed her to flourish through many periods of transition. Growing up in a military family, Candice attended 14 schools before beginning her now 25 year career at Vanderbilt; a career that includes two additional higher ed degrees and various leadership roles within the athletic department that she now leads.
Candice had a successful college basketball career in the SEC, and she  talks about how  she discovered her talent for building a team and harnessing the discipline needed to accomplish her goals through the sport.
We also  discuss how relationships built on integrity and trust have been the difference makers in her career, There are so many insights here.
We hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!



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