Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 49: Dr. Bren Stevens 

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On today’s episode, Patti speaks with Director of Athletics at the University of Charleston, Dr. Bren Stevens!
Bren is one of the best in the business and has done it all. Some people talk about being a multi-tasker, but Bren has been a “multi-career-er" – which we love! She’s been a physical education teacher, a basketball official, a softball umpire, a coach at all levels, and is now a director of athletics at a DII institution. And when the person she wanted to hire as her men’s volleyball coach wasn’t available in time, she coached the team for a season and recorded one of their best records ever!

Bren teaches us about the unique experiences we can gain by simply saying yes to any and all opportunities and reminds us of the importance of active and mindful listening. Her passion and love is contagious.  
Enjoy, and remember, We are Women Leaders! 

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