Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 105: Jennifer Heppel

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares an insightful conversation with the commissioner of the Patriot League, Jennifer Heppel.

Jennifer’s pathway to the commissioner chair not only included extensive NCAA office and committee work, campus and conference office experience, but also what she calls “becoming an accidental student-athlete.” A long-time competitive figure skater turned collegiate ice hockey player, Jen translated her love for the sport and tireless discipline into a long career of leading and impacting the student-athlete experience. 

In this conversation, Jennifer opens up about her two stints working at the BIG Ten Conference Office – totaling 12 years, including why she left and why she agreed to go back, 

She also talks about her belief in why diversity of thought and experience is critical to effective team building and why it should be top of mind in hiring decisions while building your own staff and team culture. Plus, Jennifer shares best practices for using your voice at the national level, understanding governance structures, and why it’s never too late to get involved!  

Don’t miss a moment of this conversation! And remember - we are Women Leaders!

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