UNG Athletics Director Lindsay Reeves Announces Retirement!

Huge congratulations to Lindsay Reeves for announcing her retirement after 20 amazing years of service! Thank you, Lindsay! Read more here.

#MovingTheNeedle! Sue Roth has been named Athletic Director for Corban University. Congratulations, Sue! Read more here.

Incredible! Congratulations to Nicole Guadenzi for being named Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services at Wagner College! More here.

Congratulations to Amanda Kurtz, Laura Edwards, Jordan Holm, Sarah Otteman, Jessica Swann, Karissa Scherer and Nicole Elby on their promotions at Pepperdine University! Read more here.

Amazing! Katy Young Staudt was named to the 40 under 40: Rising stars who are set to take their best shot in men's basketball by The Athletic. Congratulations, Katy! More here.

#MovingTheNeedle! Congratulations to Julie Roe Lach for her promotion to Commissioner of the Horizon League! Read more here.

Chevonne Mansfield was named Florida Memorial University's Interim Athletic Director. Congratulations, Chevonne! Read more here.

Congratulations to #IAA20 graduates Alex Breske, Brooke Williams, Erica Piurkoeski, Laura Dahnlby Nicolai, Laura McNab and Lynn Hughes on being selected as the new 2020-21 committee members for the National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC). Read More.

Amanda Ekabutr has been promoted to Director of Student-Athlete Development/Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the University of Massachusetts! Congratulations, Amanda! Read more here.

Congratulations to San Jose States University's Marie Tuite and Lisa Millora who have been named to the 2020 list of 100 "Women of Influence" by the Silicon Valley Business Journal! More here.

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Dani Bishop, Brandeis University
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Olivia Wojtowicz, Saint Joseph's University
Riley Evans, Saint Joseph's University
Sara Hayes, Saint Joseph's University
Sofia Filippo, Saint Joseph's University
Taylor Newmann-Farr, Saint Joseph's College, Indiana
Kailah Henderson, Saint Joseph's University
Alayna Gribble, Saint Joseph's University
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Christina Fried, Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
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Elizabeth Krug, Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
Jeff Ligney, Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
Liz Masucci, The College Of New Jersey
Callie Youngman, Grand Valley State University
Maria Babcock, Grand Valley State University
Abigail Paragon,G rand Valley State University
Amelia Drexel, University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kelli Mcginnis, University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
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Melissa Christian, Dicks Sporting Goods
Paloma DeNardis, Dicks Sporting Goods
Maggie White Boulton, Atlantic Coast Conference
Devyn Smith, Macalester College
Fatimah Shabazz, Kentucky State University
Moria Sweeney, West Coast Conference
Cheryl Hairston, Florida Southern College
Melanie Cuhna, Saint Joseph's University
Brittany Iamele, Florida Southern College
Anne Overly, Saint Joseph's University
Jack Watford, Women's Basketball Coaches Association
Ashley Popovich, Atlantic Coast Conference
Hannah Rosen, Game Plan
Stephanie Garcia, D1.Ticker
Katie Kwitnieski, Saint Joseph's University
Jessica Maute, Saint Joseph's University
Jessica Gaughan, Saint Joseph's University
Kathryn Heacox, University Of Saint Joseph
Alison Wenzel, Vanderbilt University
Michelle Towns, Vanderbilt University
Erica Ludwikowski,S lippery Rock University
Brittany Ramirez, University Of Missouri
Allison Kasprzyk, University Of Findlay
Nikole Cook
Lillie-Anne Mulligan, Western Kentucky University
Dana Brown, Western Kentucky University
Nicole Sherwin, Eastern Michigan University