Two Women Leaders Promoted at Georgetown and More News!

#SheLeads! Congratulations to #IAA19 grad Kristin Gillette on being named athletic director at Park University! Read more here.

Congratulations to Katie Pate on being named assistant athletics director for development at Appalachian State University! More here.

Learn more about Palm Beach Atlantic University Director of Athletics and Women Leaders Nike Division II Executive of the Year award recipient, Courtney Lovely Evans, in this great feature! Watch here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #LEI07 grad Dr. Paula Jackson of Hampton University on being appointed to the NCAA Division I Council! Read more here.

Check out this awesome feature of #LEI16 grad Liz Darger's efforts in BYU's admittance into the Big 12 Conference. Read more here.

Maya Ozery has been named the new senior associate athletic director for student-athlete development at University of Kansas. Congratulations Maya! More here.

Congratulations to #IAA09 grad Sharon Brummell and Kelli Myers on their promotions at Georgetown University! Brummell has been elevated to executive senior associate athletic director for business & finance/SWA and Myers has been named chief of staff, senior associate athletics director for sport administration. More here.

Incredible! Congratulations to Eileen O'Rourke on being named associate athletic director for academic services and student development at Northwestern University. Read more here.

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