Tiffany Tucker Named Deputy Athletic Director and More News!

 #MovingTheNeedle! Congratulations to #LEI18 grad Tiffany Tucker on being elevated to deputy athletic director at the University of North Carolina Wilmington! More here.

#SheLeads! The University of Texas System Board of Regents approved a contract extension for UTSA Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics and #EI11 grad Lisa Campos! Congratulations Lisa! Read more here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #IAA20 grad Angelina Staumont on being named as a CoSIDA "Women to Watch"! More here.

Congratulations to Janet Judge on being awarded Lawyer of the Year for Sports Law! More here.

Incredible! Congratulations to Allie Ware on being named to the 2021 Georgia Lacrosse Hall of Fame Class! More here.

Congratulations to #IAA19 grad Kaitlin Reese on her new position as associate director for experience and sales at Wake Forest University! Read more here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #EI17 grad Monique Holland on being named deputy athletic director/chief of staff at Northwestern University! More here.

Saint Joseph University has named #IAA13 grad Markeisha Everett senior associate athletics director for external relations! Congratulations Markeisha! Read more here.

Congratulations to Linda Moulton on being appointed interim of athletics and recreations at UMass Dartmouth! More here.

The University of Virginia announced department restructuring including Keli Zinn being named deputy athletics director; April Messerly's new title change to senior associate athletics director of capital projects, IT services, facilities, gymnastics and rowing; Brittany O'Dell named the associate athletics director for student-athlete development; Paige Diggs as the new assistant athletics director for diversity, equity and inclusion & administrator for named, image and likeness; Kaitlin Sweeney as assistant athletic director for strategic management; and lastly #LEI20 grad Stephanie White as assistant athletics director for student-athlete development and enhancement. Congratulations to Keli, April, Brittany, Paige, Kaitlin, and Stephanie! Read more here.

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