Sarah Ramey Elevated to Deputy Athletics Director and More News!

 #MovingTheNeedle! Congratulations to Sarah Ramey on being promoted to deputy athletics director at West Texas A&M University! More here.

#SheLeads! Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference has named #LEI20 grad Carrie Michaels their new vice chair of the NCAA division II management council & #IAA07 grad Carlin Chesick the new chair of the NCAA division II legislation committee! Congratulations Carrie and Carlin! Read more here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #LEI20 grad Danielle Lynch on being named associate director of athletics for compliance at Susquehanna University! More here.

Congratulations to Grand Canyon Athletic Director, Jamie Boggs, on being awarded the "Rising Star" award at the AZ Big Media's ceremony for the "Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2021"! More here.

Incredible! Congratulations to Women Leaders Board of Directors member Sarah Baumgartner on her new position as executive senior associate athletics director for sports administration at the University of Texas at Austin! More here.

Congratulations to #IAA20 grad Kristianna Lawless on her new position at the University of Massachusetts! Read more here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #IAA19 grad Nicole Sullivan on her new position as director of client services at Florida State University! More here.

Baylor University announced several additions and promotions including several Women Leaders! Congratulations to Cori Pinkett on her promotion to associate athletic director for character formation; #IAA19 grad Christal Peterson on her new position as associate director for character formation; and Monique Felix on being hired as a character formation coordinator! Read more here.

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