Purnell Named Interim Athletics Director at Cal Dominguez Hills University and More!

Incredible! Dr. Jamie Purnell has been selected to serve as the Interim Athletics Director for Cal State Dominguez Hills University! More Here.

Congratulations to Jean Ponsetto, recently retired Director of Athletics at DePaul on receiving the highest honor conferred by the Congregation of the Mission for their decades of Vincentian service! Read more here.

Tim Duncan was promoted to the Vice President of Athletics and Recreation at the University of New Orleans. Congratulations Tim! More here.

Congratulations to Angel Mason, Director of Athletics at Berry College, for being recognized as the Coach and AD Magazine Sports Under 40 September Honoree! 

#IAA19 JP Abercrumbie was promoted to Associate AD for SOAR & Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Rice University. Congratulations JP! Read more here.

Amazing! Katina Roberts was rewarded for her exemplary work at Norfolk University and was hired as the University's Director of Football Operations! Read more.

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A warm welcome to our newest members:
Abbey Harrah, Pepsico
Ocinda R. Pollitt, Progressive Insurance
Jill Pizzotti, DePaul University
Nora Osei, Princeton University
Sarah Shouvlin, Princeton University
Kaitlin Dobiesz, Princeton University
Ieisha A. Jackson, Princeton University
Helen Tau, Princeton University
Maria Lauron-Ramos, Princeton University
Maya Brown, Princeton University
Anne Phillips
Kate Gallagher, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
Ann Dorris, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
Morgan Ewert, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
Mary Beth Schram, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
Stephanie Habecker, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
Kristina Ortiz, Georgian Court University
Caty Kokel, Lone Star Conference
Elizabeth Acosta, Lone Star Conference
Jennifer Lawrence, Lone Star Conference
Teresa DeBoard, Lone Star Conference
Rocio Garcia, Lone Star Conference
Katie Webb, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Joyce Bell Limbrick, University Of Southern California
Alissa Giel, University Of Southern California
McCall Hall, University Of Southern California
Lamarr Pottinger, National Collegiate Athletic Association
Carla Hayden, University Of Southern California
Jillian Zeller, University Of Southern California
Mariah Boyd, University Of Southern California
Jessica Moore, Pepsico
Damitria Buchanan, University Of Kansas
Jenna Petrucci, Thiel College
Malory Monson, University Of Utah Athletics
Sarah Williams, University Of Connecticut
Lauren Robinson, University Of Connecticut
Alicia Jefferson, Saint Peter's University
Anna Pitingolo, Saint Peter's University
Sarah Rush, Pepsico
Chantre Randolph
Jade Anderson
Christa Jacelone, University Of Kansas
Megan Walawender, University Of Kansas
Courtney Harris, University Of Oklahoma
Mackenzie Brooke Luikart, West Virginia University
Jennica McPherson, University Of Washington - Seattle, WA
Corey Goelz, University Of Washington
Alexandra Lohrenz, University Of Washington IAL Program
Holly Drown, University Of Washington
Morgan Wallace, 
Samantha Finglass, University Of Washington - Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Program
Kendall Boshart, University Of Washington
Sarah Stavig, University Of Washington
Alexandra Samson, University Of Washington Athletics, Tyee Club
Jillian Ohlemeier, University Of Washington
Julie Wallace Carr, JMU - Hart School Of Hospitality, Sport & Rec Mgmt
Brooke Latas, Village Presbyterian Church
Kate Miller, Columbia University
Caitlin Hansen, Saint Leo University
Paige Cooke
Carrie Fidurko, Saint Leo University
Christy Lear, Saint Leo University
Lyndsey Bevill, Saint Leo University
Anna Oberg, University Of Portland
Allie Modica, Saint Leo University
Latesha Johnson, Saint Leo University
Cierra White, Saint Leo University
Lauren Dudziak, Columbia University
Emily Maury, Columbia University
Adam Wood, USOPC
Joanne Hatala, Dickinson College
Carly Zinn, Dickinson College
Janelle Nolt, Dickinson College
Lynsey Winkler, Lone Star Conference
Erin Oliphant, Arizona State University
Amy Bomar, Converse College
Alexis Pitts, Converse College
Keegan Johnson, Converse College
Allison McFarling, Arizona State University
Valerie Clarke, Converse College
Heather Udowich, Arizona State University
Logan Hicks, Arizona State University
Patti McGowan, Converse College
Amber Bouie, Arizona State University
Nicole Andreae, Arizona State University
Danielle Stone, Converse College
Jennifer Hawk, Converse College
Taylor Woods, Arizona State University
Kirtana Bhat, Arizona State University
Yousra Manar, Arizona State University
Abigail Wylie, Springfield College
Shekia Smith, Providence College
Barbara Gonzalez, Providence College
Emily Hays, Dickinson College
Jenn McMonagle, Dickinson College
Katie McArdle, Dickinson College
Ellison Sherrill, Dickinson College
Aimee MacFarland, Dickinson College
Jess Rini, Dickinson College