Dr. Lauren Rhodes Named Senior Associate AD and SWA at Pennsylvania State University and More!

#MovingTheNeedle! Congratulations Colgate University Director of Athletics and #EI17 grad Nicki Moore on being named the Division I Football Championship Subdivision Athletics Director Association 2021-22 president! More here.

#SheLeads! Grand Canyon University has named Nicole Alderson their new associate athletic director for student-athlete development! Congratulations Nicole! Read more here.

Incredible! Congratulations to #LEI20 grad Lauren Rhodes on being named senior associate athletic director, student-athlete performance, health and welfare & senior woman administrator at Pennsylvania State University! More here.

Congratulations to #LEI 20 grad Jen Kentera on her promotion to Senior Women Administrator at Bucknell University!

Congratulations to #LEI16 grad Maggie Fenton on earning a promotion to senior associate athletics director at University of California Davis! More here.

Congratulations to #EI08 grad Grace Calhoun on being awarded the NACC Mike Clearly Organizational Leadership Award! More here.

Congratulations to Sarah Ramey, West Texas A&M's director of athletic performance, on being named to NCAA Division II Track & Field Committee! More here.

Amazing! Congratulations to both Liz Martin promoted to associate athletic director of development & alumni relations & #IAA14 grad Danielle Shank on being promoted to associate athletic director, external relations at the University of California Davis! Read more here.
The NAAC has awarded Brittney Anderson-Duzan their Rising Star Award! Congratulations Brittney! Read more here.

Amazing! Congratulations to #LEI20 grad Jamie Hall on her new position as vice president for donor relations and stewardship at Louisiana State University! Read more here.

Congratulations to #IAA15 grad Lydia Sandlin on her role as director of operations, olympic sports at the University of California Davis! 

Congratulations to #LEI18 grad Jessica Harbison Weaver on being named NAAC's Division II Excellence award winner! More here.
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