Armani Dawkins Named Senior Associate Athletic Director at Oklahoma and More Member News!

Check this out! New Rhodes College executive athletic director Portia Hoeg discusses the strength of female leadership in college athletics among a number of other topics during an interview with ESPN Radio! Listen here.

Amy Huchthausen of the America East Conference and Gloria Nevarez of the West Coast Conference meet to provide valuable insight on leadership from the commissioner's chair! Learn more here

We love this! UTSA's athletic director Lisa Campos announces plans to build a "Center for Excellence for Road Runner Athletics" among other facility upgrades! Learn more here

Congrats! Janet Judge wins Lawyer of the Year for her work in Sports Law in Boston! 

Katie Lytle has been named assistant director for business at Catholic University! Learn more here

University of Oklahoma has hired Armani Dawkins as senior associate athletics director! Learn more here

Kicking glass! Brandi Guerinot has been hired as the associate commissioner for compliance and governance/SWA at the American East Conference! Learn more here

Angela Pucciarelli returns to her alma mater as the newest assistant athletic director and SWA at Fredonia State! Learn more here

A warm welcome to our newest members:
Heidi Klockenbrink, Virginia Tech
Dr. Blakely Low-Scott, University Of Arkansas
Kelsey Lovell, University Of Arkansas
Taylor Fisher, University Of Arkansas
Michelle Glover, University Of Arkansas
Kelly Nielsen, University Of Arkansas
Lauren Buck, Georgia Southern University
Patricia Souza, National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics
Brenda White, National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics
Amanda Scheier, National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics
Logan Young    
Alexia Fortenberry, Dillard University
Meredith Montgomery, Texas Christian University
Lauren Sullivan, Northeastern University
Kerri Ann McTiernan, National Junior College Athletic Association
Bailey Sherrill, National Junior College Athletic Association
McKenzie Garrison, National Junior College Athletic Association
Maggie McMenamin, National Junior College Athletic Association
Sarah Gildersleeve, Georgia Southern University
Cassie Nakamoto, Georgia Southern University
Kathryn Koning, Georgia Southern University
Joni Williamson    
Brianna Finch, Barry University
Sarah Dacey, Barry University
Kelley Montalvo, Barry University
Natalie Moik, Barry University
Cinthia Batista Da Silva Angus, Barry University
Camelia Lanier, Campbell University
Careena DeMull-Hillard, Grand Valley State University
Gretchen Goodman, Grand Valley State University
Samantha Hayden, Grand Valley State University
Nataly Williams, Michigan State University--
Simone Proulx, Michigan State University--
Erin Lynch, Michigan State University--
Kristin Kelsay, Michigan State University--
Alexandra Green, Michigan State University--
Robin Martin    
Maura Rowland, Loyola University Maryland
Niki Clement, Haverford College
Brenna Winn, Coe College
Greta Grothe, Southwestern University
Linda Hamilton, Southwestern University
Dominique Del Prete, The University Of Virginia's College At Wise
Jacqueline Schuman    
Saralyn Campbell    
Allison Rosette Phillips, Northwest Conference
Kendra Johnson