🌟 Rising Stars Spotlight: Saralyn Campbell  🌟

Born and raised in Olympia, Washington Saraly played collegiate softball at the University of Montevallo in central Alabama where she earned her degree in Marketing and Management. In August she began working at the Gulf South Conference (NCAA DII) where she currently serves as the Sports Services Coordinator. It was at the Women Leaders National Convention that Saralyn realized her “why” for working in collegiate athletics and has been a force ever since. 

Why did you join Women Leaders in College Sports?  

As a part of my internship with the Gulf South Conference, my Commissioner, Matt Wilson, encouraged me to join a professional organization in athletics. He recommended Women Leaders to me. I went on the website and social media platforms to do a little research. I instantly knew this would be a great organization to be a part of in order to grow professionally and cultivate new relationships. 

What are your personal or professional goals for the upcoming year? 

A personal goal of mine is to get my health back in order. I recently completed my eligibility as a collegiate student athlete; however, I lost the drive and motivation to workout. I am in the process of finding it again and I strive to put some of my competitive nature back into action. 

I would like to attend at least five professional development events this year. Especially at this stage in my career! I believe these types of events are crucial for growth and to network with a purpose. By the end of April I will have already attended three, so I am definitely on track!

Who would you recommend following on social media?

@MeighanJulbert on Twitter, she’s a Mental Skills Consultant who always has great tidbits about how to be the best version of yourself. 

@ThePackagedDeal on Instagram. @Jen _Schro and her team are the #1 softball clinic in the world. They are empowering young softball players, while continuing to grow the sport on a global scale. As an individual, she posts daily content of inspiring self-reflective stories for females and athletes alike.

 If you love cats, definitely follow @cats_of_instagram for lots of furry cuteness.  

What is your favorite Women Leaders podcast? 

My favorite Women Leaders podcast has been Episode 43: Jen Cohen. I grew up in Washington and hearing from the fearless leader of UW was inspiring. I loved hearing her story and how she got to where she is today. In fact, I loved it so much that I actually wrote her a letter like she did as a young girl to the Head Football Coach. She wrote back to me, which was truly something special! Thanks, Jen, you rock!!

Coffee or Tea?

Iced coffee or cold brew. Although, I do love Bigelow’s Peppermint tea.  

What is the best advice you've ever received?

I have heard so many different people say it in the past year, but be authentic. No one can do you like you, so be yourself. I firmly believe that everyone has something different that they bring to the table, so why be anything other than yourself? I remind myself every single morning to live up to my own authenticity. 

What's your spirit animal?

An otter. I love to be in the water or by the water. Plus otters are playful and like to eat, which just about sums me up. Also, my cat’s name is Otter!

Who is your #BecauseOf? Who helped you become the rock-star leader you are today?

There are two people I have to thank for helping me become who I am today. First and foremost #BecauseOf my Mom, Laurie. She instilled values in me from a very early age that I carry with me and share everywhere I go. My second #BecauseOf is the athletic administrators and professors at the University of Montevallo. They constantly challenged me, supported me, and helped me grow in ways I couldn’t even imagine. My time as a softball player and student at Montevallo truly shaped me into who I am today.

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