🌟 Rising Stars Spotlight: Millie York 🌟

How were you able to stay motivated with graduation quickly approaching?

knowing that what I have learned has helped prepare me to transcend my passion for supporting students and helping them be successful in their academic, athletic, personal, and professional development.

What are you planning to wear for graduation? Heels or flats?

Half Inch Heels to dodge the chances of having a tripping disaster!

What has been your favorite summer trip? 

Center Parcs Longleat Forrest with my family!

What book(s) are you planning to read this summer or have read that you would recommend? 

Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead. New York, NY: Random House

What new habits do you plan to apply both personally and professionally post-graduation?

Personally, I dream of finding a new family inside the US that would give me a chance to show my passion for serving students and seeing them be happy & prosperous in every aspect of their lives. Secondly, I would like to continue showing my family and friends how much I love them, think of them, and strive to make every effort to be a part of their lives. I also hope to improve my parking (it’s never in a straight line!!!).

Professionally, I have been working hard to make many connections in the field of Student-Athlete Development/ Engagement, and Student-Athlete Academic Advising, as this is a role I am passionate to pursue once graduated this May.

Who is your #BecauseOf? Who helped you become the rock-star leader you are today?

My family for believing in me and always being there to support me no matter the number of miles we are apart. I am also very grateful for having two outstanding female coaches: Tammy Waine and Hope Clark for being inspiring, loving and passionate role models who have guided and mentored me to be who I am and where I am today.

Women Leaders has been a #Force4 change the past forty years, what are you a #Force4?

I am a #Force4 bringing together passion & authenticity

Summer or Winter?

Most definitely Summer!! 

Coffee or Tea?

 Now this is tough one! I’m going to stick to my British roots and say a delicious cup of tea.

Salty or Sweet?

Sweet: Milkybar chocolate, Victoria Jam Sponge Cake, Birthday Cake Ice cream, Treacle Tart and Coconut Mango Smoothie! 

Heels or Sneakers?

For comfort trainers, and heels for confidence and style!



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