🌟 Rising Stars Spotlight: Haley Ford🌟

Haley Ford enters her third year with the San Diego State University athletic department and second as the Football Office Coordinator, with her previous position being the Special Events Coordinator for the Aztec Club. Ford got her start in collegiate athletics as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona where she earned her bachelor degree in journalism, as well as served as an intern for the Arizona Athletics Wildcat Club. A  #WLS19 graduate, Haley credits her experience as being both personally and professionally transformational and looks forward to attending her first Women Leaders National Convention this fall!  

Why did you join Women Leaders?

I joined Women Leaders as an outlet to connect with other females within the college athletics industry and to enhance my own personal and professional development goals, all the while with hopes of making great friends and mentors along the way.

What is your favorite part about working with football at San Diego State University?

As the only female at San Diego State Football, I feel so fortunate to work with a group of men who consistently champion me in my personal and/or professional goals. The culture that Coach Long has established within our program is something special to be a part of and I enjoy working alongside our coaches and staff to prepare our student-athletes for success athletically, academically, and professionally.

What are your personal or professional goals for the upcoming year?

2019 has been a transformational year for me, much in part from Women Leaders! A “theme” that I am using to achieve my personal and professional goals during the upcoming year is, “Be good at where you’re at”. It serves as a good reminder to me to show up and be present in anything that I do and that achievements will come as I continue to be intentional about my actions and goals.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is from Patti P! At the Women’s Leadership Symposium this spring, she touched on the topic of career track comparison and said, “No one is taking your opportunity, your opportunity will come to you when it’s meant for you”. That one was a for sure truth for me to hear! *Insert all the praise hand emojis and Women Leaders flag waving*

Who would you recommend following on social media?

I recommend following Rachel Hollis for a whole lot of girl power and inspiration, Bob Goff for spiritual guidance, and Chelsea Scott at The Millennial Miss for everyday relevant and relatable content for younger women trying to navigate through life. 

How do you get re-energized and focused for the new academic year?

As we all know, the academic year and athletic season can be long and hard. I like to prepare for the new academic year by taking time to reflect on my professional journey in college athletics and to personally acknowledge those who have helped me along the way. This serves as a good reminder to me of why I continue to pursue my passion of working in college athletics and gets me inspired and ready to work toward new goals! 

What has been your favorite summer trip? 

I’m a big baseball junkie, so my favorite summer trip is when my family vacations in Boston and Cape Cod each summer. I love being able to watch my Red Sox play at Fenway Park, as well as catch a few Cape Cod Baseball League games. There’s nothing else quite like it!

Who is your #BecauseOf? Who helped you become the rock-star leader you are today?

During my first six months on the job at San Diego State, I was fortunate enough to connect with current Women Leader, Patsy Armstrong who happened to work in my current position. When Patsy transitioned to Oklahoma State, she approached me about filling her old position and working in football and the rest is history. Patsy’s guidance was a true “lift as you rise” moment and I am so thankful to be where I am today! 

Women Leaders has been a #Force4 change the past forty years, what are you a #Force4?

I am a #Force4 female representation in football! 

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