Rising Stars Spotlight: Shae Labbe

Shae Labbe currently serves as the Women Leaders Marketing Intern and formerly was the Creative and Digital Strategy Postgraduate Intern at the NCAA. A former ice hockey student-athlete and dual major at Colgate University, Shae discovered her passion for creating during her junior and senior year as the athletic department’s Multimedia Intern. After a year of growth with the NCAA, Shae looks to continue to build her network, learn from her peers and mentors, and make an impact with Women Leaders! 

What brought you to Women Leaders and how has the organization been most beneficial?

As a young professional, you often seek advice from your peers and mentors about opportunities to learn and grow as a person and employee. For me every time I asked a question related to my above statement I was steered towards the opportunities Women Leaders provide. This led me to join the organization and I am so happy I did! In my short time as a member, I have been able to connect and build meaningful relationships with people in the industry that have allowed me to grow as a professional and advance in my career. 

What drew you to pursuing a career in creative services & digital strategy in sports?

The biggest thing that drew me to pursue a career in creative services & digital strategy in sports was that everyday looks a little different and you are always working on something new, challenging, and exciting. Being the Multimedia Intern for Colgate Athletic’s allowed me to realize that being a content producer and social strategist was another one of my passions in life and marrying that with my passion for sports was the perfect combination.

What has been the most significant difference in working on-campus vs. the NCAA national office?  

The most significant difference in working on-campus vs. at the NCAA national office is the access you have to student-athletes and the type of content you create. As a content producer, it was much easier to share student-athletes stories on campus because you were in the same place and had the ability to build relationships with them. As you can imagine at the national office it is a little harder to do all that. Though the creative content produced at both places looks different, they both call for innovation and work towards the same goal of supporting and servicing all student-athletes the best way we can.

What is one thing you’ve learned during your time as an NCAA PGIP internship that you will take with you as you begin your internship at Women Leaders?

One lesson I will take with me is that the only way you will learn and grow is to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance! I believe a big part of my role as an intern with the NCAA and now with Women Leaders is to innovate. I look forward to challenging myself to find new creative ways to engage our audience and share information on our various digital platforms.

What How did you balance competing for Canada’s National Women’s Hockey team while also being a student-athlete at Colgate University?

 Great question! To be honest I don’t know! Being okay with being exhausted?? But in all seriousness, a lot of it came down to knowing what my body needed and taking good care of it. Making sure I ate when I needed to, always staying hydrated and having a good balance between training and recovery/rehab allowed me to perform my best in the classroom and on the ice!

Now all Women Leaders X keynote speakers have been revealed, who are you most looking forward to hearing from, and why?

I am looking forward to hearing from Muffet McGraw! Besides the fact that she is an absolute legend in sports, I am really looking forward to hearing about her journey throughout her career and what it is that motivates her to be her best each and every day!

What’s your favorite…

Quarantine snack: Popcorn
Show you’re binge-watching: Grey’s Anatomy
Thing to do when you’re Zoomed-Out: Spending time with family and friends!

What is one piece of advice you wish to share with fellow Rising Stars?

My piece of advice is to be yourself, work hard, and above all else, be a good person! Being a great teammate or friend will take you far in this industry and in life!

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