Episode 1: Building Culture Through Communication

Building Culture through Communication focuses on using language as a tool to create a positive, more supportive culture. Learn simple techniques to create subtle changes that improve how we communicate and connect with others. The language of leadership is spoken by skilled communicators, and this Learn & Lift will give you tools you can use today to strengthen and support a thriving team culture.
To continue the conversation with your team, use this resource that provides a session outline, team activities and ice breakers to spark conversation in your office, and discussion questions to keep the dialogue going! You can also reference Betsy's slideshow here.

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Featured Speaker: Betsy Butterick

As a The Coaches' Coach and Communication Specialist Betsy works with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds - from the locker room to the boardroom. With a background in athletics and a talent for people-centric design, Betsy offers an experiential approach towards learning and development. Communication is her specialty, people are her passion, and working collaboratively to create positive change is what she does best."

Betsy works with athletic departments and teams to improve communication effectiveness by delivering workshops, keynotes, and webinars. Recent speaking engagements include: The jr. NBA Leadership Conference, United Soccer Coaches Convention, Women's Basketball Coaches Association Convention, regular faculty member for the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, featured speaker at the BreakThrough Digital Leadership Summit for Women in Sport, guest lecturer at UCLA's Graduate School of Education for the Masters of Transformative Leadership and Coaching program.

Contact Betsy and visit her website here.