Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 50: Jane Miller 

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On today’s episode, Patti speaks with Women Leaders Board Member and University of Virginia Senior Associate AD and SWA, Jane Miller!
Jane Miller is widely known, rightly so, as a gold standard administrator. What many people don’t know is that she started her career as a coach, a really really good one. She has won 2 NCAA national championships, had six final four appearances, and is in 5 different Lacrosse Halls of Fame. And although she spent the last 35-years at University Virginia, her impact is much broader than one campus.

Jane has served on many national boards, and she was the first Women Leaders SWA appointee to the NCAA DI Board of Directors. A very important national role that Jane excelled in. Jane is an advocate for the SWA designation – the Senior Woman Administrator and talks about the opportunities and platform that role provided her over the years.
Enjoy, and remember, We are Women Leaders! 

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