Because of Title IX: Billie Jean King

Founder, Women’s Sports Foundation, 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient & Tennis Legend

Tell us about a woman who championed you in pursuing your goals. How did her influence inspire or affect you and your career?

Dr. Joan Johnson was one of my college tennis coaches and she changed my world. Joan coached the women’s team and Scotty Deeds oversaw the men’s team at Cal State LA. They worked together in their preparation and the two teams practiced together. The arrangement made us better players, but more importantly, taught us the importance of working together and learning from one another. Tennis can be an individual sport, but it is so much more impactful when you can generate the maximum benefit from the team environment.

How are you continuing to champion the next generation of women and girls in sports, and raise awareness on the importance Title IX?

At the Women’s Sports Foundation we take our role as the guardians of Title IX seriously. We are committed to providing access to athletes, being advocates for equality, and continuing to protect the true essence of Title IX each and every day.

If you could send an empowering tweet to every woman and girl across the country, what would you send?

Do not let anyone define you. You define yourself.

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(Photos: Michael Cole)