Assistant Coach, Director of Women's Basketball Operations

Posting Date
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois
Preferred Education
Bachelor's Degree

Job Description
Reporting to the Head Women’s Basketball Coach, this position manages the women’s basketball program and is responsible for promoting the program and overseeing day-to-day administrative operations, including communication with internal and external constituents, scheduling, summer camps, coordinating all aspects of team travel, managing aspects of the program’s operating budget, and performing other related duties as assigned. This position will interact on a regular basis with several offices within the athletic department and on campus including, the Athletics Business Office, Compliance, Marketing, Athletics Communications, Student Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS), Athletics Development Office, University Housing and Dining Services, Student Services, and Accounts Payable. This position is expected to determine own methods of performance of assigned work.

Responsible for coordinating official and unofficial visits of potential student-athletes (PSA’s). Communicates with PSA’s and their families on travel arrangements and individual needs, building relationships and promoting a positive experience for both PSA’s and their families before and during their visits. Makes independent judgement on individual requests as it relates to budgetary constraints and/or the loss of a PSA to the program. Facilitates campus tours with PSA’s and their guests to continue lines of communication and relationship building. Works with campus constituents in facilitating individual meetings with faculty and areas of interest for PSA’s. Builds on campus communiversity initiative by solidifying relationships with local vendors to be a part of official/unofficial visits.

Serves as liaison for NIU Athletics NCAA Compliance office to ensure prospective student-athletes meet eligibility requirements. Communicates with PSA’s and their families to answer compliance and academic issues during official and unofficial visits and holds one-on-one meetings with PSA’s to discuss eligibility concerns.

Oversees hotel selection and meal planning for program needs. Independently determines venue safety and dependability for student-athletes and staff and ensures meals are in compliance with program nutritional plan. Builds relationships with venue management and other local vendors and makes final decision on hotel and meal acceptance based on the needs of student-athletes, student-athlete parents/families, coaching staff and support staff. Has full autonomy to make changes to best take care of the needs of student-athletes, coaching staff, support staff, administration, donors, and families, as applicable.

Ensures appropriate per diems are allocated to players, coaches and others in travel party during team travel and vacation periods; reconciles all home and away expenses; coordinates problem resolutions in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations, as well as department and university internal audit oversight.

Solely responsible for the adherence to NCAA Rules and Regulations and University policies for all student-athletes and staff within the program. Makes independent judgement calls on matters concerning compliance to ensure the program does not suffer recruiting restrictions or limitations to PSA accessibility and/or number of available scholarships.

Oversees student-athlete orientation to include communicating itinerary to incoming student-athletes, deciding which athletic and campus constituents should be a part of the orientation, represents the Head Coach as the orientation presenter to address questions student-athletes or families may have, and ensures the program provides student-athletes families the assurance that their prospective student-athlete will have an exceptional experience both academically and competitively.

Serves as a student-athlete mentor meeting daily with at-risk student-athletes as it pertains to academic and personal development. Communicates with student-athletes on their academic progress, study plan, and personal life to ensure student-athlete well-being. Makes judgement calls on unforeseen issues or concerns, working with Life Skills coordinator and SAASS to address the student-athlete potential needs.

Acts on behalf of the Head Coach in immediately addressing issues and concerns with the student-athletes, administrators and other staff members; serves as main point of contact for sport administrator in dealing with program issues.

Serves as liaison for Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS), provides overall positive educational environment for Northern Illinois University (NIU) student-athletes conducive to learning, athletic development, social growth and preparing them for life beyond college.

Responsible for the hiring, evaluation, discipline, scheduling, and assignment of duties for operations assistants. Independently recruits, hires, manages, directs, and oversees office administrative needs and assignments for graduate assistants, students, interns, and volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities (generally)
Coordinates program game day events, monthly coaches show and annual program reception. 
Oversees payroll submission of hourly and full-time SPS employees, working directly with Director of Personnel over any payroll concerns or issues that may arise.
Responsible for development, safety and conduct of the program; responsible for implementation of program’s emergency response plan.
Cash handling responsibilities – $15,000-$20,000 annually, during team travel and vacation periods.
When practical under the circumstances, athletic staff are encouraged to voluntarily attend all athletic events to promote audience participation and support for NIU team efforts.
Assist with departmental needs as requested.

Job Application Instructions
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