Navigating COVID-19 Community- Frequently Asked Questions

Aspects of the Community: 
Discussion: This is a place to share your insights, ask questions and receive reply’s, and offer resources. You can also upload documents. 
Resources: Our team will cull the Discussion boards daily as needed, and sort and upload key resources and documents to the Resource link so you can find those easily.   

Can I receive official government updates regarding COVID-19 from this community? 
NO. This community is NOT an official medical, governmental or NCAA resource – it is a platform for industry professionals to come together and share how you are managing the COVID-19 crisis. 

Do I need to be a Women Leaders member to join ‘Navigating COVID-19' community?

This community, as well as all other Women Leaders resources are currently open to both members and non-members alike. Yes, you must create a Women Leaders account to post announcements/resources, but you do not have to pay for a membership at this time. 

How do I join the ‘Navigating COVID-19' community? 

1. Login to your Women Leaders account or create a User Account.  
2. Navigate to the Women Leaders main website and click on "For Members”, then click “Member Circles” 
3. Click on the ‘Navigating COVID-19' page 
4. Once in, click “Follow” on the right-hand side. You will now receive email notifications with circle content updates anytime someone posts in the circle. Only click “Follow” if you would like to receive an update every time a person posts on the discussion board. 

I’m having trouble accessing my Women Leaders account. Who do I contact for help?

For all account support and password resets please contact Ashlynn Fields or Celine Mangan

How do I connect with other members? 

At the bottom of each Circle there is an “Announcement” discussion board page for all members to interact with one another, share resources and more! Also, you can click the "Participants" tab which has a list of all the 'Navigating COVID-19' community participants. 

Do you want to create a new discussion topic?

Email Celine Mangan!

Have another question or comment? Feel free to email Megan Cairns!