Nell Jackson Administrator of the Year Honorees

The Nell Jackson Administrator of the Year Award, presented to Women Leaders in College Sports members, is bestowed annually to an athletics administrator who exemplifies the personal qualities and professional accomplishments of Dr. Nell Jackson. This award is given to an individual who demonstrates qualities such as courage, conviction and perseverance, and who is an advocate for gender equity and diversity. This award honors athletics administrators who are NCAA/Women Leaders in College Sports Institute for Administrative Advancement (formerly NACWAA/HERS) graduates, and demonstrate vision and outstanding leadership.

2000: Nona E. Richardson, Ball State University

2001: Amy B. Huchthausen, ACC

2002: Monique “Toni” Morgan, CIAA

2003: Athena Yiamouyiannis, NAGWS

2004: Cindi Nagai, University of Denver

2005: Carolayne Henry, Mountain West Conference

2006: Jacqueline “Jacqie” Carpenter, NCAA

2007: Germaine McAuley, Spelman College

2008: Tonia Walker, Winston Salem State University

2009: Grace Calhoun, Indiana University

2010: Marilyn Moniz-Kaho’ohanohano, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2011: Carol Howe-Veenstra, College of Saint Benedict

2012: Sharon Sanford, University at Buffalo

2013: Delise O’Meally, NCAA

2014: Ann-Marie Guglieri, Colgate University

2015: Julie Cromer Peoples, University of Arkansas

2016: Shirelle Jackson, University of Miami

2017: Jill Redmond, Atlantic 10 Conference 

2018: Dr. Amy Wilson, NCAA

2019: Dr. China L. Jude, University of Wyoming