Executive of the Year Honorees

The Executive of the Year Award, formerly known as the Administrator of the Year Award, is presented to Women Leaders in College Sports members for significant contributions made as a senior-level administrator of intercollegiate athletics. This award, recognizing administrative excellence, is presented annually to members in each NCAA division [Division I, FBS, FCS, Division II, Division III, NAIA/NJCAA or Conference/Organization]. The Administrator of the Year Award in each division is presented in years which an individual is deserving of such recognition, typically annually. 

Division I FBS: Nina King, Vice President and Director of Athletics, Duke University 
Division I FCS: Dianthia Ford-Kee, Director of Athletics, Mississippi Valley State University 
Division I: Jaunelle Hamilton White, Director of Athletics, Point University 
Division II: Courtney Lovely Evans, Director of Athletics, Palm Beach Atlantic University 
Division III: Nan Carney-DeBord, Associate Vice President of Athletics and Recreation, Denison University 
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Natasha Wilson, Vice President for Student Life & Athletic Director, Central Methodist University 
Conference/Organization: Louise McCleary, Interim Vice President of Division III, NCAA


Division I FBS: Jocelyn Gates, Senior Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Boston College
Division I FCS: Sherryta D. Freeman, Director of Athletics, Lafayette College
Division I: Ursula Gurney, Deputy Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Division II: Pennie Parker, Director of Athletics, Rollins College
Division III: Meg Stevens, Director of Athletics, Averett University
Association/Organization: Judy MacLeod, Commissioner, Conference USA

Division I FBS: Carla Williams, Director of Athletics, University of Virginia
Division I FCS: Sharon D. Brummell, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Business and Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Woman Administrator, Georgetown University
Division I: Dr. Renae Myles Payne, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Woman Administrator, Winthrop University
Division II: Karen Stromme, Senior Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator, University of Minnesota Duluth
Division III: Jan Hathorn, Michael F. Walsh Director of Athletics, Chair, Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation Dept., Washington and Lee University
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Brooke Henze, Athletic Director, Lewis-Clark State College
Association/Organization: Robin J. Harris, Executive Director, The Ivy League

Division I FBS: Maggie McKinley, Executive Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator, University of Cincinnati
Division I FCS: Jennifer Lynne Williams, Director of Athletics, Alabama State University
Division I: Dena Freeman-Patton, Deputy Athletics Director, California State University, Bakersfield
Division II: Carrie Michaels, Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator, Shippensburg University
Division III: Stevie Baker-Watson, Associate Vice President for Campus Wellness & Theodore Katula Director of Athletics and Recreational Sports, DePauw University
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Jill Jokerst-Harter, Director of Athletics, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Association/Organization: Val Ackerman, Commissioner, Big East Conference

Division I FBS: Nona Richardson, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Support Services/SWA, University of Utah
Division I FCS: Dr. M. Grace Calhoun, Director of Athletics and Recreation, University of Pennsylvania 
Division I: Tamica Smith Jones, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of California, Riverside 
Division II: Carmen Leeds, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Internal Operations/SWA, Emporia State University 
Division III: Deb Steward, Director of Athletics, William Smith College 
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Chesney Sallee, Director of Membership Services, NAIA National Office  
Association/Organization: Kris Pierce, Senior Associate Commissioner for Championships/SWA, Atlantic Coast Conference

Division I FBS: Sarah Baumgartner, Deputy Director of Athletics, Rutgers University 
Division I FCS: Diane Metcalf, Director of Athletics Development, University of New Hampshire
Division I: Karina Herold, Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Pepperdine University
Division II: Tonia Walker, Director of Athletics, Winston-Salem State University 
Division III: Nikki Fennern, Director of Athletics, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota 
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Krishna Dass, Director of Athletics, Hostos Community College 
Association/Organization: Julie Muller, Commissioner, North Atlantic Conference 

Division I FBS: Vanessa Fuchs, Senior Associate AD/SWA, Florida State University
Division I FCS: Irma Garcia, Director of Athletics, St. Francis College
Division I: Janet Lucas, Executive Associate AD/SWA, University of California, Riverside
Division II: China Jude, Assistant Vice President/Athletic Director, Queens College
Division III: Natalie Winkelfoos, Delta Lodge Director of Athletics & Physical Education, Oberlin College
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes, Athletic Director, Dillard University
Association/Organization: Lori Thomas, Commissioner, Heart of America Athletic Conference 

Division I FBS: Jane Miller, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Programs/SWA, University of Virginia
Division I FCS: Dr. Ingrid Wicker-McCree, Director of Athletics, North Carolina Central University
Division I: Pat Meiser, Director of Athletics/Special Assistant to the President, University of Hartford
Division II: Lindsay Reeves, Athletic Director, University of North Georgia
Division III: Kim Blum, Interim Director of Athletics, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
NAIA/NJCAA/CC: Kelly Perry, Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance, Oklahoma City University
Association/Organization: Bernadette McGlade, Commissioner, Atlantic 10 Conference

Division I FBS: Janna Blais, Deputy Director of Athletics – Student Athlete Welfare, Northwestern University
Division I FCS: Shaney Fink, Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, University of San Diego
Division I: Karen Peters, Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, University of Portland
Division II: Sara Lillevand Judd, Director of Athletics, California State University, East Bay
Division III: Susan Bassett, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports, Ithaca College
NAIA/NJCAA: Dr. Angie Fincannon, Director of Athletics, Taylor University
Association/Organization: Lynn Holzman, Senior Associate Commissioner/SWA, West Coast Conference

NCAA DI-FBS: Betsy Mosher, deputy director of athletics/senior woman administrator, California State University, Fresno
NCAA DI-FCS: Inge Radice, senior associate director of athletics, Princeton University
NCAA DI: Carla Wilson, senior associate athletic director for business and administration/senior woman administrator, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)
NCAA DII: Angela (Ann) Walker, associate director of athletics, compliance/senior woman administrator, Nova Southeastern University
NCAA DIII: Julie Soriero, director of athletics/head of the department of athletics, physical education and recreation (DAPER), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
NAIA/NJCAA: Meg Schebler, director of athletics, Ashford University 
Association/Organization: Terri Steeb-Gronau, director of NCAA Division II, NCAA

NCAA DI-FBS: Susan Delaney-Scheetz, Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Penn State University
NCAA DI-FCS: Donna Woodruff, Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Stony Brook University
NCAA DI: Carolyn O’Connell, Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, Loyola University, Chicago
NCAA DII: Wendy Taylor May, Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Internal Operations/SWA, University of California, San Diego
NCAA DIII: Themy Adachi, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, Mills College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Teresa Yetmar, Director of Athletics, Baker University
Conference/Organization: Karen Morrison, Director of Gender Initiatives, NCAA

NCAA DI-FBS: Petrina Long, Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA, UCLA
NCAA DI-FCS: Vicky Chun, Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Colgate University
NCAA DII: Lisa Sweany, Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, Grand Valley State University
NCAA DIII: Julie Davis, Director of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation, University of Maine at Farmington
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Susan Hlavacek, Director of Athletics, Notre Dame College
Conference/Organization: Janet Judge, President, Sports Law Associates, LLC

NCAA Division I FBS:Noreen Morris, Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Northwestern University
NCAA Division I FCS: Jacqueline Blackett, Associate Athletic Director of Enrichment Services, Columbia University
NCAA Division I: Kathy Klein, Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of North Florida
NCAA Division II: Deborah Chin, Director of Athletics, University of New Haven
NCAA Division III: Kim Chandler, Director of Athletics, Macalester College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Norma Carr, Director of Athletics, Salt Lake Community College
Conference/Organization: Dr. Christine Hoyles, Associate Commissioner, Pacific 10 Conference

NCAA Division I FBS: Barbara Burke, University of Wyoming
NCAA Division I FCS: Dr. M. Dianne Murphy, Columbia University
NCAA Division I: Athena Argyropoulos, American University
NCAA Division II: Lynn Griffin, University of Indianapolis
NCAA Division III: Dr. Kelly Hart, Springfield College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Debby De Angelis, California State University East Bay
Conference/Organization: Beth DeBauche, NCAA

NCAA Division I-A: Kate Hickey, Rutgers University
NCAA Division I-AA: Pat Henry, Harvard University
NCAA Division I-AAA: Janet Cone, University of North Carolina, Ashville
NCAA Division II: Lois Webb, Florida Southern College
NCAA Division III: Dr. Valerie Cushman, Randolph College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Diane Schumacher, Howard Community College
Conference/Organization: Candice Poiss Murray, North Eastern Athletic Conference

NCAA Division I-A: Anne “Sandy” Barbour, University of California-Berkeley
NCAA Division I-AA: Dr. Darlene Bailey, Western Athletic Conference
NCAA Division I-AAA: Mary McElroy, Georgia State University
NCAA Division II: Dianthia Ford-Kee, Shaw University
NCAA Division III: Dr. Glada Munt, Southwestern University
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Lynne Levesque, Brookhaven College
Conference/Organization: Debbie Corum, Southeastern Conference

NCAA Division I-A: Joan Cronan, University of Tennessee
NCAA Division I-AA: Lauren Anderson, University of Rhode Island
NCAA Division I-AAA: Lynn Hickey, University of Texas at San Antonio
NCAA Division II: Dr. Suzanne “Sue” Willey, University of Indianapolis
NCAA Division III: Dr. Cathie Schweitzer, Springfield College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Chris Haines, South Mountain Community College
Conference/Organization: Carolyn Campbell-McGovern,The Ivy Group

NCAA Div IA: Chris Plonsky, University of Texas at Austin
NCAA Div IAA: Sondra Norrell-Thomas, Howard University
NCAA Div IAAA: Peggy Bradley-Doppes, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
NCAA Div II: Jane Meier, University of Northern Kentucky
NCAA Div III: Connee Zotos, Drew University
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Ann Wellham, Garrett College
Organization/Conference: Athena Yiamouyiannis, NAGWS

NCAA Div IA: Cary Groth, Northern Illinois University
NCAA Div IAA: Nance Reed, Towson University
NCAA Div IAAA: Jean Lenti Ponsetto, DePaul University
NCAA Div II: Mary Gardner, Bloomsburg
NCAA Div III: Joy Solomen, Rowan University
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Susan Hlavacek, Notre Dame of Ohio
Organization/Conference: Bridget Belgiovine, NCAA

NCAA Div IA: Andi Seger, Ball State University
NCAA Div IAA: Andi Myers, Indiana State University
NCAA Div IAAA: Roxanne Levenson, Pepperdine University
NCAA Div II: Lynn Dorn, North Dakota State University
NCAA Div III: Laurie Priest, Mount Holyoke College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Karen Sykes, Dean College
Organization/Conference: Carolyn Schlie Femovich, Patriot League

NCAA Div IA: J. Elaine Hieber, Iowa State University
NCAA Div IAA: Marilyn McNeil, Monmouth University
NCAA Div IAAA: M. Dianne Murphy, University of Denver
NCAA Div II: Pam Gill-Fisher, University of California-Davis
NCAA Div III: Suzanne Coffey, Bates College
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Norma Dycus, Sinclair Community College
Organization/Conference: Carol Iwaoka, Big Ten Conference

NCAA Div IA: Cheryl Levick, Stanford University
NCAA Div IAA: JoAnn Harper, Dartmouth College
NCAA Div IAA: Diane T. Wendt, University of Denver
NCAA Div II: Gwendolyn Davis-Reeves, Fort Valley State University
NCAA Div III: Marilyn Moore, SUNY, Geneseo
NAIA/NJCAA/Community College: Lea Plarski, St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley
Organization/Conference: Patricia Wall, Southeastern Conference

District 1: Rita Castagna, Assumption College
District 2: Connee Zotos, Drew University
District 3: Deborah Yow, University of Maryland
District 4: Barbara Hedges, University of Washington
District 5: Alfreeda Goff, Midwestern Collegiate Conference
District 6: Kathy Lindahl, Michigan State University
District 7: Janet Justus, NCAA
National Administrator of the Year: Janet Justus, NCAA

District 1: Arlene E. Gorton, Brown University
District 2: Sharon E. Taylor, Lock Haven University
District 3: Donna Ledwin, College of New Rochelle
District 4:Karen Miller, Cal Poly Pomona
District 5: Jean Lenti Ponsetto, DePaul University
District 6: Barbara Schroeder, Regis University
District 7: Tricia Bork, NCAA
National Administrator of the Year: Sharon E. Taylor, Lock Haven University

District 1: Deborah Chin, University of New Haven
District 2: Sue Regan, Seton Hall
District 3: Kitty Rogers Baird, Centre College
District 4: Marcia Saneholtz, Washington State University
District 5: Lynn Imergoot, Washington University (MO)
District 6: Phyllis Ocker, University of Michigan (retired)
District 7: Dr. Barbara Hibner, University of Nebraska
National Administrator of the Year: Marcia Saneholtz, Washington State University


District 1: Linda S. Moulton, Clark University
District 2: Marilyn A. McNeil, Monmouth College
District 3: Mary Jo Warner, The George Washington University
District 4: Fern Gardner, University of Utah
District 5: Patty Viverito, Gateway Football Conference, Missouri Valley Conference
District 6: Margie H. McDonald, Western Athletic Conference
District 7: Jeannine McHaney, Texas Tech University (posthumously)
National Administrator of the Year: Patty Viverito, Gateway Football Conference, Missouri Valley Conference


District 1: Jane Betts, NACWAA Executive Director
District 2: Majorie Trout, Millersville University
District 3: Joan Cronan, University of Tennessee
District 4: Lu Wallace, Brigham Young University
District 5: Linda Herman, Illinois State University
District 6: Georgene Brock, Minnesota State University, Mankato
District 7: Connie Claussen, University of Nebraska, Omaha
National Administrator of the Year: Jane Betts, NACWAA Executive Director


District 1: Louise O’Neal, Wellesley College
District 2: Ellen Perry, Penn State University
District 3: Carol Fritz, Western Maryland College
District 4: Pam Gill-Fisher, University of California-Davis
District 5: Marcy Weston, Central Michigan University
District 6: Chris Voelz, University of Minnesota
District 7: Kit Green, University of Washington
National Administrator of the Year: Louise O’Neal, Wellesley College


District 1: E. Louise Albrecht, Southern Connecticut State University
District 2: Jenepher Shillingford, Bryn Mawr College
District 3: Nora Lynn Finch, North Carolina State University
District 4: Virginia Hunt, Montana State University
District 5: R. Elaine Dreidame, University of Dayton
District 6: Christine H.B. Grant, University of Iowa
District 7: Mary Jo Wynn, Southwest Missouri State University
National Administrator of the Year: Christine H.B. Grant, University of Iowa


District 1: Eleanor Lemaire, University of Rhode Island
District 2: Eve Atkinson, Lafayette College
District 3: Martha Mullins, Eastern Kentucky University
District 4: Judy Sweet, University of California, San Diego
District 5: Karol Kahrs, University of Illinois
District 6: Phyllis Bailey, Ohio State University
District 7: Donna Lopiano, University of Texas
National Administrator of the Year: Judy Sweet, University of California, San Diego

District 1: Jeanne Rowlands, Northeastern University
District 2: N/A
District 3: Janice Shelton, Tennessee State University
District 4: Judith Sweet, University of California – San Diego
District 5: Charlotte West, Southern Illinois University
District 6: Judith Kruckman, WWIAC
District 7: Donna Lopiano, University of Texas, Austin
National Administrator of the Year: Charlotte West, Southern Illinois University