Frequently Asked Questions About NACWAA's Name Change

Will the name affect my membership benefits or renewal date? 

No, your membership remains intact and the same. But now your renewal will come from Women Leaders in College Sports. In fact, we believe the change will allow us to enhance your benefits in both the short and long term.

Will we be using an acronym to shorten the name? It's long!

It's not long, but it is powerful! We won't be using an acronym, but we will shorten it to Women Leaders as needed. Thanks for helping us with this!

Will the change affect any of your programming?

No, all of our outstanding programs and events will continue.

If I'm a graduate of NACWAA IAA East 2009, how do I put that on my resume or LinkedIn?

Now you will say you are a graduate of the Women Leaders in College Sports (formerly NACWAA) Institute for Administrative Advancement 2009.

Is this still a membership association?

Yes! And we will be stronger than ever. Who we are and what we do hasn't changed. The name has changed to better reflect our growing and diverse membership.

Do I have to be a "leader" in my department to join?

You are a leader! We all lead ourselves first. The "Leader" in our name isn't referring to titles or hierarchy. It reflects all sides of the term: the importance of leading yourself, the impact we have everyday on others, and the potential we have to lead a department.