Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of nine active members nominated by the membership and selected by the Board of Directors. It is the duty of this committee to prepare a slate consisting of three candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors and three candidates for open positions on the Nominating Committee. In preparing the slates, the Nominating Committee shall give strong consideration to membership composition, NCAA divisional representation, ethnic and racial diversity and geographic representation. Lastly, the Nominating Committee will forward its final slate along with all other nominees’ names to the Board of Directors for final selection of candidates to appoint to the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. For more details on the Nominating Committee, please review the Women Leaders Bylaws.

Unless otherwise noted, committee members shall serve no more than a three-year term. No individual shall serve more than one consecutive term in the same office. Filling an unexpired term due to a vacancy shall not constitute a term. 


  • Solicits and recruits members interested in serving on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.  
  • Finalizes a slate consisting of three candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors and three candidates for open positions on the Nominating Committee.

Qualifications for Committee Members

Awareness of association leaders to be considered.

Time Commitment

Committee meetings of an hour each (frequency determined by chair); various administration and communication activities.

2021 Committee Members

Board of Directors Liaison: Kelley Kish, Director of Athletics, Wingate University (DII - 2022)
Staff Liaison: Christina Turner, Chief of Staff

Committee Members

  • Sharon Brummell, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director for Business & Finance/SWA, Georgetown University (DI - 2024)
  • Sarah Dehring, Director of Athletics, Alma College (DIII - 2023) 
  • Tiffini Grimes, Senor Deputy Athletics Director, Senior Woman Administrator/Chief Diversity Officer, University of Alabama (DI-FBS - 2022)
  • Felicia Johnson, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and SWA, Virginia State University (DII - 2023) 
  • Nancy Lake, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance/SWA, Shaw University (DII - 2024)
  • Angela Marin, Associate Athletic Director/SWA/Director of Compliance, The University of Texas as Dallas (DIII - 2022)
  • Maggie McKinley, Deputy Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator, University of Cincinnati (DI-FBS - 2023) 
  • Ashley Reid, Associate Director of Athletics and Chair of the Physical Education Department/Senior Woman Administrator, The College of Wooster (DIII - 2023)
  • Dr. Lauren Rhodes, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Performance, Health and Welfare, Penn State University (DI-FBS - 2024)
  • Shannon Strahl, Senior Associate Director of Athletics-Compliance & Student Services/SWA, Gonzaga University (DI - 2022)
  • Natasha Wilson, VP for Student Life and Athletics, Central Methodist University (NAIA - 2022)