Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops and manages the Association’s membership recruitment and retention programs. The committee actively recruits new members and ensures diversity in ethnicity, divisions and affiliations. The Membership Committee consists of representatives from each NCAA division, NAIA and NJCAA plus additional members as deemed necessary. The Chair of the Membership Committee is appointed by the President from among the current Board members. 


  • Actively recruits new members and ensures diversity in ethnicity, divisions, and affiliations.
  • Targets various educational, professional and amateur women’s sports organizations for membership.
  • Ensures prospective new members and guests feel welcome at Association events.
  • Provides mentorship and encouragement in committee participation.
  • Assists with the creation, examination and implementation of new alternatives for increasing the Women Leaders in College Sports membership, such as an orientation program to explain how to make the most out of Women Leaders membership.
  • Contacts discontinued members to inquire why they have not renewed their membership; makes reminder calls to delinquent members.
  • Assists with the creation, examination and implementation of new alternatives for maintaining the Women Leaders in College Sports membership.

Qualifications for Committee Members

Passion for the association; involvement in Women Leaders in College Sports programs and initiatives; excellent interpersonal skills; interest in recruitment and retention programs; good team organizational skills; and detail-oriented.

Time Commitment
Committee meetings of an hour each (frequency determined by chair). Other commitments may include: project execution and follow up, and attendance at association events.

2019 Committee Members

Board of Directors Liaison: Natalie Winkelfoos, Director of Athletics, Oberlin College, DIII 
Staff Liaison: Celine Mangan, Membership Engagement Coordinator
Committee Chair: Whitney Davis Showalter, Director of Operations, Virginia Tech - DI FBS

Committee Members

  • Hannah Delph, Compliance Coordinator, Florida Southern College - DII
  • Melissa Gill (Saavedra) Student, University of Florida - DI FBS
  • Bethany Hobbs-Helmus, Assistant AD for Business Operations/SWA, California State, East Bay
  • Miriam Merrill, Associate AD/SWA, Hamilton College - DIII
  • Tori Niemann, Assistant Director of Student Athlete Development, Clemson University
  • Nicole Sullivan, Manager, Service & Retention, Florida State University
  • Marie Supanich, Associate Director of Athletics/SWA, University of California Merced
  • Ayanna Tweedy, Assistant AD Compliance/Student-Athlete Services
  • Katie Willett, Associate Commissioner/SWA, Big East Conference