During these uncertain and unprecedented times, this community was built to help us navigate COVID-19 TOGETHER. This circle is open to the entire industry – both members and non-members alike. We need YOU to help us build this community by posting resources, asking questions, and providing information as you navigate decision-making on your campus. This community is not an official medical, governmental or NCAA resource – it is a platform for industry professionals to come together and share how you are managing the COVID-19 crisis. To get started, click on the "Discussions" button below.

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  • Thank you for joining in this community as we all work to navigate the impacts of COVID-19.This virtual community allows you to ask questions, get them answered, and share resources and tips on executing successfully in this new environment.

    You can engage in the community through the Discussion and Resource Library

    The Discussion link is a place to share your insights, ask questions and receive reply’s, and offer resources.  You can also upload documents.

    Our team will cull the Discussion boards daily as needed, and sort and upload key resources  and documents to the Resource Library so you can find those easily.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything there the first time you visit, but be sure to keep checking back.

    The platform works because of YOUR ENGAGEMENT.  So please ask and answer questions! 

    We are here to support you, as always.

    And as always, we are better TOGETHER.


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Sahar Abdur-RashidAssistant Director Of Championships External OperationsNational Collegiate Athletic Associationsrashid@ncaa.org
Casey AfricanoDirector Of AcademicsTotal Package Hockeycafricano@totalpackagehockey.com
Lauren AksionoffDirector Of Academic SuccessStony Brook Universityaksionoff@etsu.edu
Gabrielle AlaimoMaster's Student; Student Services CoordinatorUniversity Of Pennsylvaniagcalaimo@upenn.edu
Alena AnthonyAssociate Director Of Recreation For Fitness ProgramsSyracuse Universityalanthon@syr.edu
Jacquelyn AntoineAssistant Director Of Athletics/SWASUNY Oswegojacquelyn.antoine@oswego.edu
Nikki AyersAssistant Athletic Director/SWAClaremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd- Scripps Collegesnikki.ayers@cms.claremont.edu
Chanel BarnesManager Of Marketing And Digital StrategyWomen Leaders In College Sportschanelbarnes@me.com
Stephanie BaughAssistant Director, Student-Athlete DevelopmentCalifornia State University, Long Beachstephaniembaugh@gmail.com
Jordan Bearden University Of Tennesseejbearde2@utk.edu
Jessica BeaversAthletic Event ManagerUniversity Of Toledojessica.beavers@utoledo.edu
Joyce Bell LimbrickSenior Associate AD/SWAUniversity Of Southern Californiajoycebel@usc.edu
Isabella Blanchard Pat Summitt Leadership Groupisabella@patsummittleadership.com
Kim Blumenthal Pat Summitt Leadership Groupkim@patsummittleadership.com
Michael BoeleSenior Associate ADUniversity of California, Riversidemichael.boele@ucr.edu
Michael BoeleSr. Associate AD/CFAO/SWAUC Riversidemboele@ucr.edu
Bethany BoelterMarketing Manager, College SportsJostensbethany.boelter@jostens.com
Mimi BorkanChampionships AssistantProvidence Collegemimi.borkan@providence.edu
Tricia Turley BrandenburgDeputy Director of Athletics/SWATowson Universitytbrandenburg@towson.edu
Brittany BresleyAssociate Director Of ComplianceBoston Collegesobierab@bc.edu
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