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Because of Title IX: Chris Voelz

Posted on 5/23/2017
"I was fortunate to ride the wave of Title IX throughout my entire professional career ….and it became my lifework," says Women's Sports Foundation Ambassador, Chris Voelz.

Because of Title IX: Ashley Broockerd

Posted on 5/19/2017
#BecauseofTitleIX, "I have never known a day without sport," says Ashley Broockerd, Women Leaders senior director of events & operations.

Because of Title IX: Charmelle Green

Posted on 5/17/2017
"[My mom] was and is an inspiration, and she taught me that there are no limits in life," says Penn State's senior associate athletic director, Charmelle Green.

Because of Title IX: Kaitlin Leach

Posted on 5/16/2017
"I relish the chance to mentor young female administrators and aspiring female coaches, encouraging them to take advantage of the level playing field and championing the success of female student-athletes," says Kaitlin Leach, senior associate athlet

Because of Title IX: Louise McCleary

Posted on 5/15/2017
"The impact of Title IX wasn’t truly felt until I started my professional career," says the NCAA's Director for Division III, Louise McCleary.

Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 5: Peggy Davis

Posted on 5/14/2017
Patti Phillips chats with Peggy Davis, the director of athletics at Virginia State University. Peggy has such a competitive spirit, and it shines through in this conversation!

Because of Title IX: Lisa R. Thuer

Posted on 5/12/2017
"It is my responsibility as a woman who benefited from the fierce advocacy of others to continue to step forward and lead by taking action, showing gratitude, and reminding others what so easily could be taken away," says Lisa R. Thuer, Women Leaders

Because of Title IX: Natalie Winkelfoos

Posted on 5/11/2017
"I have always identified as an athlete. Without Title IX, I wouldn’t be able to carry that label as strongly as I have (and do)," says Oberlin College Athletic Director, Natalie Winkelfoos.